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Students from the University of Florida visited BancoEstado and highlighted the bank’s property-related management

, Aug 30, 2012. 07:00

In order to have a deeper knowledge in the development of the Chilean housing sector and in the operation of financial system, 25 students from the Warrington College of Business, University of Florida, USA, visited BancoEstado’s Headquarters.
Students from the "Master of Science in Real Estate Program", visited our country as part of their Post-Graduate Program "International Real Estate Study Tour: Chile". This travel was intended to meet with companies and organizations of different areas related with domestic construction and real estate sectors. The destination chosen this time was Chile, which is the most organized and stable market, and a good example for the Region.
Marcelo Hiriart, Deputy Manager of Mortgage Business, with students from the University of Florida.
25 students, three teachers and two program coordinators were welcomed by Ms. Karen Ergas, International Business Manager and Mr. Nicolas Verdesoto, BancoEstado’s Investor Relations, who delivered a lecture on the Bank’s business model for mortgage loans.


Nicolas Verdesoto stressed that such initiatives serve to increase the student’s awareness of BancoEstado’s management: "It has been a quite positive experience in order to show our management in the mortgage market. As per the accurate of their programme, students have been quite demanding in their questions and interest to internalize the knowledge resulting from this visit."
Alejandra Solano, coordinator of the visit, said: "We wanted to visit BancoEstado because of its long tradition and experience in providing mortgage financing to people from various sectors and, therefore, acting as an authority when explaining how the system operates in Chile ".
At the end of the meeting, the students visited the Savings Museum, acknowledging thus part of BancoEstado’s history through an interesting collection of coins and bills, nitrate tokens and antique watches, amongst others.